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diagnostic FTRD® for full-thickness biopsy in colon and rectum To diagnostic FTRD®


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Use of the diagnostic FTRD®

The diagnostic FTRD® is a smaller FTRD® System for full-thickness biopsy in the colon and rectum for diagnostic purposes. It enables histology in functional diseases of the colonic wall e.g. for neuro-gastroenterological examination.

Full-thickness biopsies allow accurate histological presentation of enteric neurons and can provide important insights into the diagnosis of motility disorders.

Full-thickness biopsy finds application in:
• hypo- and aganglionosis (e.g. Hirschsprung’s disease)
• enteric ganlionitis
• visceral neuro- and myopathy (e.g. in chronic constipation)
• gastrointestinal amyloidosis
• enteric manifestation of neurological diseases (e.g. Parkinson’s disease)

The diagnostic FTRD®

The diagnostic FTRD® consists of an applicator cap with a ready-to-use mounted FTRD® clip, integrated HF snare and thread. Included are the thread retriever for easy retrieval of the release thread, the endoscope sleeve with fixation tapes and FTRD® hand wheel.

For application, the applicator cap is mounted on the endoscope with the snare running on the outside of the scope and the sleeve preventing entrapment of any tissue between scope and snare. By turning the hand wheel, the thread is tensioned and the clip released. Using the integrated snare, the target tissue is cut above the clip.

For improved access and easier maneuverability, the diagnostic FTRD® can be used with pediatric coloscopes ranging in diameter from 10.5 to 12.0 mm.

The diagnostic FTRD® Set

The diagnostic FTRD® is delivered as one procedure set and consists of the following products:

  •  diagnostic FTRD®
    – diagnostic FTRD® System cap with preloaded clip and thread
    – FTRD® snare integrated into cap’s distal end
    – FTRD® hand wheel
    – thread retriever
    – endoscope sleeve with fixation tapes
  •  FTRD® Marking Probe
  •  FTRD® Grasper

Before purchasing and using the FTRD®, participation in a training course is mandatory.

Dimensions and specifications

Cap diameter (outside)19.5 mm
Cap depth23 mm
Appropriate endoscopesEndoscope diameter: 10.5 – 12 mm
Working channel diameter: min. 3.2 mm
Packaging unit1 piece included in diagnostic FTRD® Set
Reference number of the diagnostic FTRD® Set (incl. FTRD® Marking Probe und FTRD® Grasper)200.76

Important notes

The diagnostic FTRD® is compatible with endoscopes ranging in the diameter from 10.5 – 12 mm and a working channel diameter of at least 3.2 mm. All FTRD® products are disposable and designed for single patient use.

Application of the diagnostic FTRD®

Full-thickness biopsy

  • Marking of tissue (FTRD® Marking Probe)
  • Mounting of diagnostic FTRD® to endoscope
  • Insertion of endoscope to resection site
  • Connect snare and HF generator
  • Positioning on resection site with endoscope
  • Grasping of tissue and mobilizing into cap (e.g. with FTRD® Grasper)
  • Ensure marked tissue is completely in cap
  • Fix FTRD® Grasper
  • Application of clip
  • Removal of security lock of FTRD® snare
  • Close snare
  • Resection of tissue with HF
  • Removal of endoscope with resection specimen (in cap)
  • Check resection site and specimen
  • Disposing FTRD® components


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